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We enjoyed another great and very full meeting on 4th February.

Once again our members provided a wealth of images, ideas, insights and inspiration. A selection of images is in our gallery.

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New Print Stand

Our new print display stand was put to good use showing prints form Clive and Tessa. Jim, Tessa’s husband has made a super stand which dismantles easily and can be stored at the venue.



Above: Dismantled Display Stand and the Individual Print Stand


St. Swithin’s Church Photo Project

Andrew Meredith, a Malvern based heritage and community project consultant, working with The Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) and the Friends of St Swithin’s spoke to the Group about a photo-project centred on this historic church in Worcester’s city centre. The building has successfully achieved a Round 1 pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund to conserve and develop the church as a cultural venue.

We can become an essential part of this heritage project, remaining connected throughout and creating a project diary over time.  In addition we’ll be able to use the venue as an exhibition outlet.

We would be able to gain access to parts of the building unavailable to others, take photos of existing details, architecture, the condition (decay) of the fabric, its place and role in the community, how it fits in with the fabric of city streets, restoration work, artisans and personalities.  We’ll be able to interpret aspects of the building through contemporary, thematic, artistic, historical and documentary approaches, or AV.  There are many opportunities for a fascinating and exciting project with displays and exhibitions.

We agreed to become involved in principle and we’ll have further discussions and arrange a visit to the church.  The building is frequently open to the public (11.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Saturday) so do pop in and look at the potential. It would be a good idea to have your WCC identity card with you.

Additionally, the Church will be open with an event “We Love the Georgians” Friday 19/02/16, 11am - 3pm.  This is part of Love Worcester heritage week. The focus for the St Swithin’s event is on younger families. Any photography would be welcome, but with parental consent for pictures of children and understanding that such photographs maybe used in exhibitions, publicity and literature in print and online.  The Trust can arrange for generic consent forms to be available by request.

For specific details and questions please contact Andrew at:

A Meredith Associates

01684 575842
07941 609525
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Ruth showed pictures of the Matt Collishaw Zoetrope installation where the 'digital animated sculpture' has been printed via a 3D printer. 'All Things Fall' based on 'Massacre of the Innocent' is an amazing piece of work. Click here to view the video: 


Projects by Mike Hallett

Mike Hallett, who visits a couple of times a year, updated us about his Lanzarote book and how he’s creating awareness on the island.  He introduced us to his new retrospective project ‘Fragments’ setting out a selection of prints from which CPG members decided which they the preferred.  The results of this ad hoc selection process will feature in the project.


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