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On 3rd December the Contemporary Group enjoyed yet another fantastic evening of photography.  Once again the entire evening was supported by a wide range of prints and PDIs from Group members with the majority of those present sharing work.

The recent ‘street photography’ outing to Stourbridge, led by Darren, provided many images for discussion and it was fascinating to see different interpretations of similar subject matter.  Everyone contributed to the informed comments, analysis and discussion about the pictures presented. There was lots of talk about all the images, constructive insights and the usual good humour which is a feature of our events.

The evening was enriched by the number of prints on display.  Tessa brought the super de-lux  large print viewing stand to the meeting and thanks to Harry Wlikie, with his camper-van, we were able to have the Club’s large print display panel stand to show some 40 or so prints during the interval.  Special thanks go to Alan Yeates coping with the numerous technical challenges.

Maddy invited Hannah, an artist friend of hers, to come along and she not only  thoroughly enjoyed the session but also highly approved of the whole enterprise saying that she hadn’t before experienced such an evening of open, lively and informed comment about imagery.

Three photos below courtesy of Tessa.



The gallery section shows a selection of pictures from the meeting.


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