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October proved to be an unusual month for WCC CPG.

Through some form of coincidence, Tessa and eight of our most regular contributors were away on holiday, not together of course(!) but in various locations. Nevertheless, and in spite of this, the strength of the Group is so deep, that we still had a full complement of members to fill the session with insightful sets of expression, imagery and imagination.

Topics and themes ranged from the close-to-home, as provided by Peter Young with his quirky set of shoe images and Alex Isaacs ‘on safari’ in his garden to ‘reflected selfies’ from around the world by Kaz Diller.  Some subject areas overlapped as, in different styles, Geoff Hicks and Bob Oakley both revealed individual viewpoints of National Trust properties. There was coincidence too from Derek Skinner and Angie Hill both of whom selected parish churches or a single church to express their vision and insight.  Angie’s ‘statement’ was in the form of a beautiful poem.

Abstract art and creativity formed the basis for imaginative visual imagery by John Hoath and Richard Sarginson, whilst Paul Mann sought quietude and contemplation through his eloquent set of pictures featuring the horizon.  Birmingham Library and its setting formed the basis a study of people in that environment by Dr. Charles Ashton

Gill Haynes revealed her love for the beautiful and ever-changing light and atmosphere of the Dyrwyd Estuary at Ynys, whilst husband, Clive, offered a set of pictures which examined how more and more cyclopean eyes of convex mirrors are appearing at the roadside.  Nigel Reader revealed ‘The Aesthetic of the Mundane’ through his suite of urban angles and juxtapositions. Stewart Bourne always delights with his slightly off-centre and intriguing view of humankind and its foibles and once again he didn’t disappoint.

All the images and individual statements are ready to be seen in this month’s ‘Viewpoint’ e-book.  Link below…..

The session went with a swing which was further enhanced by five Group members, joined Clive, contributing their thoughts and comments on the images and we thank Gill Haynes, Nigel Reader, Stewart Bourne, Alex Isaacs and Bob Oakley for doing this.


'Viewpoint' October

Our two ‘Outside Sources’ provided stimulation for those wishing to widen the gamut of their photography.

Work by the conceptual artist and photographer Sandy Skolgund was one source whilst the question, ‘What is a 21st Century Photograph’ provided more ideas for contemplation.  Here are the links for you to explore.

Sandy Skolgund

Struck by Light:  What is a 21st Century Photograph?

Bonus link: Experimental Contemporary Photography