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It was refreshing to meet once again after our usual one-month break in July.

However, several regular contributors are taking much-needed holidays in August and were unable to contribute work this time.

Living in land-locked Worcester, about 100 miles from what one might consider as ‘proper sea’, it was interesting to discover that many of the themes explored this month concerned the coast and seaside.  With easing of ‘lockdown restrictions’ we felt ‘the pull of the sea’.  We are an island nation after all and wherever we live, the coast exerts a strong attraction.

During the meeting we enjoyed contributions offering distinctive points of view. With his keen eye and strong sense of compositional form, Dr. Charles Ashton illustrated how one can make seemingly ordinary scenes, extraordinary.  Stewart Bourne continued his personal journey contemplating ‘the curious’, further extending his views of the world.  Keeping very local, Lucy Allum revealed the delights to be found when one examines more closely an everyday routine, in this case, a regular local countryside walk.  Angie Hill employed a similar approach, taking as her inspiration the cracked and fissured surfaces of lanes she regularly treads during walks around her village.

In contrast, sometimes it’s good to escape the quotidian and explore the realm of one’s imagination.  Through sensitively entwined multi-layered imagery, Tessa Mills allowed us to enter her fantasy world of inter-relationships and beauty.

Polocrosse is a sport that most of us had never heard of.  It’s a team game, played on horseback and involving considerable skill and not a little danger.  Kaz Diller introduced us  to its excitement.

As mentioned, the coast, shore and seaside featured strongly this month. Clive and Gill Haynes explored the gaunt, elegiac sculptural hulks that languish in and around Hooe Lake, Nigel Reader’s keen eye revealed how we interact with the coast, Peter Young introduced us to ‘The Curious Coastal Charm’ of Ilfracombe through his series of observational photos and whilst taking a ‘Lockdown Escape’ to the Fylde Peninsula, Judy Knights explored the contrasts of wealth social status.  During his holiday, Alex Isaacs captured a set of soft, intentionally blurred ICM photos to reveal the optimism he felt whilst walking upon the vast sandy beaches of North Wales. Maintaining the coastal connection, on a recent visit to Guernsey, Richard Broomfield revealed the stark remains of fortifications, the legacy of the German occupation during World War II, particularly around Vazon Bay.

Our two ‘Outside Sources’ this month provided additional interest:

Our colleague Richard Sarginson suggested a set of imaginative photos from The Guardian newspaper in which sports photographers represent contestants in the Tokyo Olympic Games through slow shutter-speed camerawork.  Here’s the link. Shapeshifting at Tokyo Olympics

Our other source was the elegant and wryly amusing photos used during the advertising campaign launched by Silk Cut cigarettes, when the ban on direct cigarette advertising was coming into play in the mid-1980s.  Here’s a link to a You Tube video on the theme: Silk Cut  There are other features on the Silk Cut too.

As a bonus, here’s another Guardian link from Richard.  This time it’s a celebration of minimalism.  Link :  Minimalist Photography

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