Please note Worcestershire Camera Club special interest groups (Digital Photography, Contemporary, Audio Visual, and Photography Development) are currently running online via Zoom.  Members signed up for notifications from the groups will receive emails with details of the meetings. 

Despite the various edicts, conditions, rules and constraints of ‘lockdown’, CPG members continue to show opportunity and originality, whether through their current photography or retrospection.

Our April meeting provided a wide canvas of imagery for us to enjoy.  Here’s a flavour.  Both Paul Mann and Jayne Bennetto showed the importance of ‘looking up’, architecture was the inspiration for Paul whilst Jayne explored the endless varieties of summer skies.  Alex Isaacs revealed his thoughts and approach to contemporary photography, relating an interesting quote from John Baldessari – “perhaps the only wrong to attempt to ne right”.  Now there’s a thought!

Geoff Hicks described how his ‘L’ panel of ten years ago helped to shape his style of work giving emphasis to projects and themes rather than the single image. We were taken further afield with sets of work from Charles Ashton (Frankfurt), Bob Oakley. (Dover to Calais) and Martin Addison (Kolmanskop in Namibia).  Jenny Mann ventured north to Crosby Beach for her fine set ‘Man on Beach’.  Bob Train gave us an impression of what conditions were like in Gloucester Gaol.

Nearer to home, Maddy Pennock further explored her local country walk, combining several of her photos with her watercolour paintings, to continue her expanding series ‘Sense of the Organic’.  Tessa Mills strolled along the canal-side to rediscover herself through photography with her set ‘Personal Presence’.  Clive Haynes explored The Hive by ‘slicing’ images into strips to represent spines of books.  Peter Young presented a selection of local scenes that were, well, ‘Something Different’.  Ever thoughtful and full of layered insight, Stewart Bourne explored the quality of wistfulness.  All these themes are in our April e-book (link below) plus a floral set from Barrie Glover, who was unable to join the meeting.

Our two outside sources this month were of contrasting styles.

We enjoyed the splendid empathic, socially conscious, street-photography style documentary of Shirley Baker.  Her pictures informed us about back-street life in deprived areas of Greater Manchester during the 1960s and 1970s.  Here’s a link where to explore more:  Shirley Baker

In contrast, Los Angeles based photographer and mixed media artist Charlotte Schmid-Maybach combines her photos with threads and stitching.  In her ‘Phototapestries’ series, the dimension of texture is added to involve the viewer and extend the narrative.

Constructing intimately rendered, mixed-media topographies, drawing inspiration from the Pacific Northwest, she prints landscape photographs on Kozo paper, adding artistic interventions with thread, paint, watercolour, and the occasional map. 

Schmid-Maybach disrupts conventions of both sewing and photography in her work.

Link:  Charlotte Schmid-Maybach

Here's the link to the April edition of 'Viewpoint' (or click on the image) which contains all members images and introductions from the session.

This link opens a fresh page where you’ll also see the March edition.  Previous copies of Viewpoint can be found on the Contemporary Group homepage.

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