Please note Worcestershire Camera Club special interest groups (Digital Photography, Contemporary, Audio Visual, and Photography Development) are currently running online via Zoom.  Members signed up for notifications from the groups will receive emails with details of the meetings. 

Our meeting via Zoom this month attracted almost 40 ‘viewers’ and what a feast we enjoyed.

The themes ranged from the surreal imagery of John Hoath (one of his images is featured as our WCC URL link this month) and patterns to be found in destruction by Bob Train, to responses concerning the coronavirus pandemic and ‘lockdown’.  Quite by chance, a few contributions examined our relationship with trees, whilst Stewart pursued the question of ‘Englishness?’  The natural world inspired us, whilst in contrast Nigel explored the industrious human activity of bridges in Birmingham. Judy poignantly recalled the last day of summer, or was it really the first day of autumn?  Whatever your taste, there was plenty to satisfy our expression and curiosity – and all in the very best of company.  All of this work can be seen in this month’s ‘Viewpoint’ e-book where James has also contributed a set. Link below.

Our ‘outside source’ this month featured the work of Troy Colby

There is a simple beauty in these portraits that speak of love, tenderness and fragility.  Using ambient lighting at its most dramatic these examples go way beyond being pictures of family, into exploring the fragility of love about and within the family.   Inspiring work indeed. 

Here’s the link: Troy Colby, The Fragility of Fatherhood

To enjoy our ‘Viewpoint’ e-book at your leisure, simply click on the ‘Viewpoint’ link below so that you can appreciate the sets and themes of members’ pictures.

The book is best viewed as 'Full Screen' - Click on the small square, bottom right of the Issuu page.

Issuu Link: 'Viewpoint' October 2020