Please note Worcestershire Camera Club special interest groups (Digital Photography, Contemporary, Audio Visual, and Photography Development) are currently running online via Zoom.  Members signed up for notifications from the groups will receive emails with details of the meetings. 

Our August CPG meeting via Zoom was another outstanding success.  Once again we had the opportunity to enjoy a wide spectrum of work.

Content ranged from personal visions of ‘lockdown restrictions’ to some intriguing remnants of Dr. Beeching’s ‘Axe’.  We appreciated two interpretations of life in Cuba, plus excursions to India and France.  Monochrome and abstract interpretations of the world were also featured.

Our ‘outside source’ looked at the brilliant and quirky street photography of Vivian Maier, particularly where she had included herself or her shadow within the frame.  You can see lots more of her photos via this link: Vivian Maier 1
Here are two longer features about her: Vivian Maier 2  and Vivian Maier 3

To enjoy ‘Viewpoint’ at your leisure, simply click on the ‘Viewpoint’ link below so that you can appreciate the sets and themes of members’ pictures.




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