All new members are cordially encouraged to send in a few words about themselves and their photographic interests, plus a picture of themselves and two or three of their own photographs...

We feature Meet the Members regularly - but can only do so if you send in your contributions!  

In addition, all members are invited to send in their own images and news/articles on a regular basis; anything you think might be of interest to club members. The newsletter usually goes out on a Monday afternoon. If you really want to be sure of getting something in this week’s newsletter, please send it by the Sunday at the latest, though I will try my best to deal with later submissions. I always try to acknowledge receipt, so if you don’t hear from me, do check I’ve had the info/pics.  

You don’t have to send pictures at a specific size. The standard club competition PDI format (jpg) is probably easiest for general pics if you’ve already got that set up.  It would also be very helpful if you could please include your name and the title in the filename.

Finally please keep total attachments for any one email below 10MB or larger batches of files can be sent (free of charge) in one go via WeTransfer 

I look forward to hearing from you all.

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Some recent examples from WCC Photonews: