Many club members have gained recognition and distinctions from photographic bodies, including our own Diploma scheme and external organistions such as RPS, PAGB, BPE, FIAP etc - see here for an explanation of these schemes.

In the table below click on links (blue) to display the successful panels


  WCC Diploma
General WGDP

Doug Allen  Steve Chilton  Val Dawson  Richard Handley  Sally-Ann Hathaway-Timms       Lawrence Keen  Catherine Lane     Paul Minshull   Keith Norrington  Wiola Ryczkowska

Specialised WSDP

Sue Abbott (Creative)  Nick Baldwin (Landscape)  Karen Dewson (Abstract & Pattern)  Barrie Glover (Creative, Audio Visual, Printing)  Gill Haynes (Landscape)  Angie Hill (Landscape)  Lawrence Keen (Landscape)    Judy Knights (Abstract & Pattern)  Susan Lewis (Abstract & Pattern)  Heather Mann (Nature)    Dick Sabey (Audio Visual)    Jeff Steady (Nature)

Royal Photographic Society (RPS)
FRPS Martin Addison  Andrew Gagg  Clive Haynes  Gordon Lycett  Tessa Mills  Jayne Winter
ARPS Dr Charles Ashton  Stewart Bourne  Brian Eacock  Barrie Glover  Paul Mann  Jayne Winter Duncan Locke

Sue Abbott  Les Bailey  Ruth Bourne  Richard Broomfield  Gill Haynes  Geoffrey Hicks  Alex Isaacs  Judy Knights  Duncan Locke  Heather Mann  Colin Nash  Maddy Pennock      Jenny Rees-Mann  Jeff Steady  Bob Train  Eric Williams

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB)
 MPAGB Dr Charles Ashton
 DPAGB Brian Eacock  Barrie Glover  Judy Knights  Bob Tunstall  Eric Williams  Richard Wood
 CPAGB Den Lee  Paul Mann  Bob Oakley
British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE) 
  Barrie Glover (BPE4*)  Bob Tunstall (BPE4*)  Judy Knights (BPE1*) Jayne Winter (BPE1*)
Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP)
  Dr Kaz Diller (EFIAP/g)  Dr Charles Ashton (EFIAP)
  James Boardman Woodend IAPOTY IGPOTY