Tuesday 5th BRIAN WORLEY - Desktop and Product Photography/Sports Photography

An interactive demonstration of how to do table top and product photography for the first half and the second half a presentation of sports photography

Hand in for 1st PDI Competition Starts


Thursday 7th Contemporary Group Meeting


Tuesday 12th f.ACTION GROUP - Work of Four Photographers

Four Club photographers showing fine art and contemporary photography. Stewart and Ruth Bourne, Alex Isaacs and Pam Turner


Tuesday 19th ALEX THIMM, BA - A Ridiculously Short History of Photography Part 2

Alex presented the first part of this talk in January and finished at Man Ray so continues from there.

Hand in for 1st PDI Competition Ends


For this month only Digi Group and AV Group have swopped evenings. Digi Group will be on the last Thursday of the month.

Thursday 21st AV Group Meeting.


Tuesday 26th 1st PDI Competition

Hand in for 1st Print Competition Starts


Thursday 28th Digital Group


Worcestershire Camera Club meets every Tuesday evening at 7:45pm for our main club nights at the Bishop Allenby Hall in Barbourne (competition nights start at 7:30pm). Our special interest groups meet on Thursday at Claines Royal British Legion.