Worcestershire Camera Club is currently running its programme online. The meetings listed below will be presented on Zoom and will start at 19:00, unless otherwise stated. Members will receive emails with details of the meetings. In case of difficulties accessing these online meetings, please contact the Zoom Hosts (Eric Williams or Alan Yeates).

November 2020


Tuesday 3rd PAUL SANDERS - "Solace - Mindful Photography"

Paul Sanders has been a professional photographer since 1984, his career in newspapers and photojournalism culminated in his appointment as The Picture Editor of The Times in 2004. At the end of December 2011, he left The Times to pursue his love of landscape photography. Paul’s journey from news photographer to landscape photography began as a form of therapy to help him deal with the stress and anxiety that resulted from the pressure he was under at The Times. Printing his own images forms the last, but most important part of his workflow and completes the connection with his subject. In this talk, Paul shares how photography helps him to shut off from the pressures of daily life.

Website: https://www.discoverstill.com

 Thursday 5th Contemporary Group Meeting (Meeting hosts Clive Haynes and Tessa Mills)


 Tuesday 10th 3rd PDI COMPETITION - Judge John Haines

See how members fare in the 3rd PDI competition of the season

12th November - Entry for 4th PDI Competition Opens 

Thursday 12th  Photography Development Group Meeting (Meeting host Duncan Locke) 


 Tuesday 17th NICK UPTON - "UK Wildlife Introductions and Conservation" 

A series of photo stories with stills documentation of things like Crane, Beaver, Pine marten and White Stork reintroductions, Swift conservation and Helping garden wildlife including hedgehogs. Nick’s swift portfolio has just won the documentary category of the Bird Photographer of the Year and he has twice won the documentary category of the British wildlife photography awards. His style, influenced by making wildlife films for over 20 years, initially with David Attenborough, combines detailed wildlife photography using a wide variety of techniques with shots of people interacting with the wildlife they are helping.

Website: https://www.wildlife-film.com/-/NickUpton.htm

 Thursday 19th Digital Imaging Group (Meeting host Martin Addison)


 Tuesday 24th AL HADEN LRPS - "Iceland" 

A long standing and well respected member of Droitwich Camera Club, Al’s photography encompasses a variety of genres but he will tell you that he is at his happiest out in all weathers in the Icelandic landscape. His images are the product of a number of visits over recent years.


 Thursday 26th Audio Visual Group (Meeting host Eric Williams)


Thursday 26th November - Entry for 4th PDI Competition closes