5 successful diplomas so far this year . . . 

September 2020

Jeff Steady

Specialised Diploma in Nature Photography

Jeff says . . . .

I am delighted to have been awarded the club’s specialised diploma in nature photography. 
Largely self-taught as far as taking wildlife pictures is concerned, my first attempt at presenting a diploma panel was not successful. In particular, there was a rather a lot I needed to learn in the areas of processing, selection and presentation of my images. In those important disciplines I have gained generous input from a range of fellow club members. My huge thanks to them. What they have instilled in me will be of lasting benefit.
It will be evident I think through my panel that this has been very much a love affair with this wildlife photography genre. It goes along with my life-long love of the great outdoors, of wildlife, and birds not least, of travel and a touch of adventure. I wanted images that inspired me and perhaps reflected something of my life and loves, as well as reaching the required standard. 
Attempting the diploma gave me every reason to get out and about. One outing took me, travelling alone, to a lodge on a forest river in Borneo. Another found me surrounded by a profusion of wildlife beyond Georgetown in The Gambia. Yet some of the best images in the panel are simply local. 
It has certainly been a lot of fun and it has surely moved my nature photography forward.


February 2020

Nine Assessors gathered on 6th February to review four print panel submissions...

The WCC Diploma Assessment team are very pleased to say that all four applicants of the recent assessment were successful. The Assessors were very pleased with the standard of work presented and they lingered over each panel, enjoying the amount of effort put in and the details of individual pictures. We needed a large team on this occasion so that we could assess four different topics: General Photography, Landscape, Abstract & Pattern and Creative Photography. 

Steve Chilton WGDP

Diploma in General Photography

Assessors' Comments:

The panel shows evidence of a good range of techniques and a suitable variety of subjects. Overall the presentation was thought to be a good mix of subjects and to the standard required for the General Diploma.

Steve writes:

"I decided to participate in the diploma scheme as a vehicle to improve my photography. My preferred genre of photography is Landscape photography, however I hoped the selection of the final ten images contained within my panel were sufficiently varied in both subject matter, style and lighting, with some outside my comfort zone.
Whilst the diploma has at times challenged me, it has been an opportunity, not just to gain more skills, but to look at my photography in new and interesting ways. I can't recommend participation in the diploma scheme highly enough. I cannot finish without praise for the mentoring. I thank Martin and Clive for their time, advice and patience."


Susan Lewis WSDP

Specialised Diploma in Abstract & Pattern Photography

Assessors' Comments:

Susan's statement was interesting, emphasising how intriguing 'abstracts and patterns' can be explored by observing the forms of nature. The images invite the viewer to look closer and appreciate the finer details. The overall colours harmonised well, creating a attractive panel layout.

Susan writes:

"Over the last eight months I have been spending time in our countryside and on our coastline and waterways looking for subjects to abstract some interesting images from. I have entitled this panel ‘Abstract in Nature’ as all my images are derived from either natural occurrences in nature or where I have seen interesting light, texture, colour or shape for abstraction.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on my Abstract and Pattern Diploma. It has taken me eight months to complete but has been well worthwhile. The challenge of looking in depth at things around you and seeing beyond what is actually in front of you is essential.

I would like to thank Ruth, Tessa and John for their advice and constructive criticism over the last few months. The help given by the more experienced photographers in WCC is very welcome and much appreciated. Now on to the next challenge!"


Nick Baldwin WSDP

Specialised Diploma in Landscape Photography

Assessors' Comments:

The overall presentation of the panel works really well. 
Classic panelling using 3 tiers presents good design, harmony and balance. 
Considering that Nick took these whilst doing long walks and constantly on the move, they are of very high quality. 
The lighting works well providing a good depth to the landscapes, for example, no. 4. 
No. 12 shows a good perspective along with no.7 with both using a firm 'lead-in line' to take the eye into the image. Overall there is evidence of personal input and style creating an interesting panel, which is up to the standard required for the Specialised Landscape Diploma.

Nick writes:

"My twin passions are being in the big outdoors and trying to take photographs that capture the magic of the countryside. When I joined the Club I was still struggling to make good landscape images. I started last winter and worked through the spring and summer to amass a large number of images in a variety of styles. It was then that the real value of the diploma process kicked in when I got invaluable advice from Eric on how to rationalise my images and create an effective panel, which I then tested on Martin. Seeing my final 15 images in the panel made me realise that I was finally beginning to capture the magic of the countryside."


Sue Abbott LRPS WSDP

Specialised Diploma in Creative Photography

Assessors' Comments:

An adventurous panel with a splendid and diverse selection of imagery showing a wide range of techniques, in a presentation full of vivacity and impact. There are no weak images - all pictures are interesting and successful, not only as individual prints but also as a strong synergistic contribution to the overall appearance and harmony of the panel. The presentation reveals strong evidence of a personal style coupled with a very imaginative use of creative techniques. The panel has many intriguing images which evoke a sense mystery.

This was remarked upon as being a good example of a very successful WCC Creative genre panel and highly worthy of the Diploma.

Sue writes:

"I absolutely love taking photographs. My hobby started in 2008 when due to a cancelled holiday I enrolled on a six week photography course. 

Too often people look at an object and that’s all they see. My panel shows examples of how I look at objects. I want to inspire others to look at everyday objects in a different way. My Creative Panel shows how I like to transform the ordinary into something that will challenge the viewer. Enrolling for a Diploma has made me concentrate on my photography. Instead of taking photographs, which I love, I focused on my Creative Panel. I had wonderful support from Clive, who encouraged me all the way."