Successful submissions from Catherine Lane, Val Dawson, Ann Hoath and Keith Norrington added December 2017

From Clive Haynes FRPS, WCC Diploma Scheme Co-ordinator

"It was good to see four diverse panels which successfully illustrated the craft skills and 'seeing' required for this level of photography, plus evidence of an individual approach. The four successful participants had worked hard and taken advantage of advice and support given. They are now ready to move on to the next level and choose a Specialist Topic within the scheme. Our hearty congratulations to them all."

Catherine Lane WGDP


Val Dawson WGDP


Ann Hoath WGDP


Keith Norrington WGDP


Barrie Glover WSDP2 - Audio-Visual Diploma

Here are some of the stills from Barrie's AV Diploma submission. Click on an image to enlarge and show slideshow controls.



Harry Wilkie WGDP


Barrie Glover WSDP


Mike Rudge WGDP

Successful submission for the General Diploma, presented as PDIs (Projected Digital Images)

Click on an image to enlarge and also see slideshow controls.


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