Introducing The Worcestershire Camera Club Diploma of Photography

The Club's Diploma scheme aims to offer something for everyone, from help in starting photography to more advanced work in specialised topics. You can work at your own pace and receive advice from skilled and experienced members of the Club.

There are three grades of Diploma:

  • General
  • Specialised
  • Advanced Specialised

The General Diploma will appeal to those who wish to improve photographic skills at a foundation level, while more experienced members can take their expertise to a higher level by doing a Specialised Diploma, choosing from the many topics on offer.

How will the work be assessed?

The Club is very fortunate to have members of the RPS Licentiateship, Associateship and Fellowship Assessment Panels and a large number of experienced photographers who are willing to support fellow members in achieving success. We are most grateful to them for being part of our Assessment Team.

The Diplomas also offer a useful preparation for Distinctions offered by the RPS and PAGB.


The evolution and development of the Diploma scheme would not have been possible without the support of Douglas Gregor for an enormous amount of work designing the Diploma web-pages, all our committee members, my fellow assessors and my wife Gill who has spent many hours 'road-testing' the contents of the diplomas.

To discover more, and to find out how to take part, go to the Members' Area of the Club website, log in and look under Club Activities > Diploma.

WCC - Helping you to get more from your photography

Clive Haynes FRPS, Diploma Coordinator