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Despite the expected impact of holidays and summer weather upon members taking part in  the August session, an enthusiastic crowd attended and participated.

Once again we enjoyed a superb range of imagery and ideas. Discussions sparkled and spiced with the usual attendant good humour, a splendid time was enjoyed by all.  To give a impression of what we enjoyed here's a brief overview: Kaz informed us about the various sorts of seafood available from street vendors in Japan, Heather illustrated aspects of Britain's shoreline and showed an imaginative approach to poppies, Barb revealed aspects of Ecuador, then in cultural contrast, Alex conveyed various moods of Birmingham.  Bob explored intricate and fascinating reflections discovered in the loch at Tarbert and reflections also formed part of a visual essay of the River Avon in Bristol by Judy. Stewart presented an intriguing and darkly curious collection of images taken in various museums whilst Nigel used his iPhone to explore ICM and to reveal the lyrically intimate world of close-up photography of natural things. Maddy's set included people in 'couples', malignant seagulls, evidence of litter and a composite stained glass window triptych.  Three AVs were shown, Barrie contributing 'Differential Geometry', Peter with a wonderfully witty commentary upon 'The Lost City of Droitwich' and Clive with the psychedelic and vibrant 'Bat Chain Puller', a tribute to Don van Vliet, a.k.a.Captain Beefheart.  Tessa's work used the increasing paranoid  prohibitions surrounding photographing people to illustrate our fellow human beings by their feet only. Peter also contributed a set of pictures of Liverpool and Clive rounded off the evening with a set of individual themes including some from his continuing projects.

Our 'outside sources' this session were inspirational.  Sian Davey's work shows sensitive pictures images of her 16 year old daughter at the threshold of adulthood.



'Good Morning America' by Mark Power showed the disadvantaged and forgotten underbelly of the USA.


The gallery below offers a selection of what we enjoyed.

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