Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

After careful consideration it has been decided to cancel the remainder of the current season at WCC - both Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Members will be kept informed of further changes via email.

We hope that you will still be able to enjoy your photography during this period. Our Flickr Group is still active if you would like to share work during the closedown, or join members on Facebook.

About 25 members and a welcome visitor enjoyed the wide range of imagery, imagination presented. Here’s a flavour of what we enjoyed.

Bob explored the remains of a onetime tidal swimming pool at Tynemouth which, built in 1925, flourished until the 1960’s when holiday-makers began to be attracted to Mediterranean beaches. It closed in 1995.  With  imaginative use of ICM, Alex explored the relationships between people and their environment, whilst in contrast, Peter’s images revealed a darker mood, set by chiaroscuro, of rooms where people occasionally featured.  Both Clive and Mark presented contrasting sets of pictures taken during the group’s recent photo walk-about in Tewkesbury. Mark had an additional set of photos which interpreted a visit he made to The Tate in Liverpool. Jenny swept us to Bilbao with an intriguing number of images revealing aspects of The Guggenheim through clever observation of reflections in water.  Maddy showed two sets of images, one from a recent train journey and visit to London, the other as part of a continuing theme revealing the subtleties of ‘beauty in death’, an appreciation also known as ‘thanatopsis’.  An exploration of the sculptural and texture-rich intimate landscape formed by dead oak trees long exposed to the ravages of weather and scourging by wind was the focus of a fine sequence of monochrome studies by Nigel.   Paul contributed an amount of humour to the evening with his AV showing a series of ‘gathered’ images which feature in a travelling exhibition inside a caravan.

Tessa took us to The Paintworks at Bristol, where the RPS HQ is now located.  Her set of imaginative images featured selected parts of buildings where through in-camera double-exposures, the overlapping planes and colours became the equivalent of a paint manufacturer’s swatch.  To complement this, Tessa produced a set of small prints, loosely bound together to form a ‘Pantone reference’ swatch. See below.


Two ‘outside sources’ provided some thought-provoking ideas and imagery.  'Shot' was a set of tintype prints by Kari Wehrs all made at outdoor shooting ranges in the USA.  After making the prints in situ, the subjects were invited to use them for target practice. ‘Shooting pictures’ became a reality! 

Kari writes, "From scenes of gun violence that make the national news, to my 61-year-old mother suddenly deciding to carry, incidents of gun use haunt me with curiosity and fear. Having no personal attachment to guns, I am grappling with the present day societal reverberations and implications of the gun in American culture". 

Here’s the link:


Our other ‘outside source’ by Uğur Gallenkuş were carefully considered and well-crafted pictures which by side-by-side in combination allowed the presence of scene from conflict zones or degradation, to but-joint with a comparative scene from cosy western culture.

Here’s the link:

There were also books on display to enjoy by Geoff  and Tessa during the break.

Throughout the evening there was the usual lively and informed exchange of ideas and interpretations with the familiar level of good humour.

June  CPG Members' Gallery:  to shuttle through, use the (forward) > and (reverse) < arrows, or your keyboard arrow keys. 

The gallery link below offers a selection of what we enjoyed.