Our August meeting proved once again to be brimming with diverse images for discussion.

The range of work included several series of images including an exploration of 'People and the Places They Inhabit', by Alex Isaacs and the Grimness of
Gloucester Prison
by Bob Oakley

In contrast, Eric Williams illustrated the vast canvass of our ever-changing skies, whilst Clive Haynes entered the apparently alien world of a bio-dome.

We shivered upon ice Norway with Judy Knights, then Tessa Mills illustrated how the baking landscape of Crete is being irrevocably altered by self-interested development.  

We followed the furious pace of the Tour de France with some clever imagery from the comfort of John Hoath's armchair. 

Peter Young found many quirky aspects of our world, Paul Minshull explored a fish-market and abstract designs and Sue Abbott discovered numerous textures and movement within everyday subjects around us..

The meeting illustrated how wide-ranging contemporary photography can be.  The pictures stimulated a lot of discussion, humour and interpretation.

Our 'outside source' was the outstanding Fellowship panel by Daan Olivier FRPS which graphically and emotionally depicted the depredations and forlorn hopes experienced within the onetime prison compound on Robben Island. 


Do explore and appreciate these pictures.  Here's the link: 'Sentenced to Robben Island For Life'.

The gallery of images below features two pictures from each contributor. This only gives a small insight into a most enjoyable myriad of imagery, views expressed and discussions.

August CPG Gallery:  Use the (forward) > and (reverse) < arrows to shuttle through, or your keyboard arrow keys. 



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