Our November meeting was remarkable for the number and quality of pictures from members exploring conceptually-related images.

Presenting pictures in a related series adds strength and depth to a concept, allowing deeper insights into the author's intention whilst simultaneously  broadening our interpretation.

The ideas and concepts ranged from illustrations of dereliction including an old mill, swimming pool, parts of a railway and lonely buildings of The Hebrides, to evocations of autumn and remembrance as represented, differently, in French cemeteries.  Other concepts explored abstract representation, everyday workaday scenes in Venice, allotments and some sombre, dark interiors.  There was much more of course with individual stand-alone images, the world seen anew by adventurous use of multiple-exposure and a delightful photo-book about his Canadian adventure by Alan Yeates. 

For a full appreciation and yet only a sample of what was on offer, visit our gallery for this month (below).  The gallery also includes additional images from John Hoath as we were unable to include three of his pieces last month. 

There was much to enjoy not only from the range of work and ideas but also from the helpful, insightful and supportive comments contributed during the session.  The delicious biscuits provided by Tessa during the tea/coffee break were also much appreciated - reduced to crumbs they were!

Our 'outside source' this month featured the work of Victoria Will who uses a large format camera and the 'tintype' process to produce uniquely evocative portraits where the serendipity of process becomes partner with the picture. 
The link to her work is here: Victoria Will and to learn about how she makes her 'tintypes', click here:  Victoria Will - Tintypes on YouTube



November CPG Gallery:  Use the (forward) > and (reverse) < arrows to shuttle through.