A particular feature of our October meeting was the large number of contributions presented as series of related images.  

Pictures can stand alone or gain power, detail and narrative strength by association with others as part of a theme or a developed topic.

 During the meeting we enjoyed a stimulating and helpful discussion that explored aspects of contemporary and conceptual photography, in particular how the emotional aspect of an image or series can add value and a deeper meaning. 

 The discussion examined the ways that the cross-over between RPS genres, such as fine art, documentary, landscape and portrait photography can be related to 'contemporary' or 'concerned photography' when a personal approach is strongly evident.  Through a firm 'statement of intent' by the author/photographer there is an opportunity to reveal much about the purpose of the images. We then have an insight into the author's intent and  we can appreciate how it has been explored through their work.     

 Our response to the work will be very personal and will be influenced by our life experiences.  Such stimulation and exploration can .... sometimes result in our interpretation being different to the author's original intention.  Exploring our conclusions can also be revealing.  

It  was a splendid meeting peppered with good humour and helpful observations and comments by everyone.   To enjoy a selection of images from the evening, please visit the gallery link below. 

Our 'outside source' for the month was the outstanding portfolio of work 'Days of Nights/Nights of Day' by Elena Chernyshova featuring the devastating environmental pollution within the city Norilsk and the surrounding countryside. 

To view this outstanding portfolio, here's the link: Days of Nights/Nights of Day

CPG October Gallery: Use the > (forward) and < (reverse) arrows to shuttle through. 

Here's the link to view: