AV Group

The Audio Visual Group is a relatively small, but enthusiastic, number of Club Members working in this interesting and versatile medium of expression. Using AV sequences enables several things to be done which are not possible with single images. Some of the possibilities are listed below:

  • Telling a story
  • Record a holiday, visit or event. (In one AV of not much more than 3 minutes it is easy to display 40 or more images; with music!!)
  • Record buildings, sculpture or other artefacts.
  • Record family history, recent or distant, in documents or photographs.
  • Preserve pictures from other media
  • Set a mood with pictures and music.
  • And many more, limited only by the imagination of the author. 

The two principal programmes by which AVs may be produced are Pictures to Exe and ProShow. Both programmes are straightforward to use and incorporate enough features to satisfy the most exacting critic. Several other programmes capable of producing Audio Visual sequences are available, but most lack the versatility of the most commonly used two.

The group is friendly and relies on the freely given input of senior club members and lively discussion. When we can afford the luxury we have visiting lecturers.

We hold an annual competition in which members can show their work to the Club, and monitor our progression from year to year.

Meetings are usually held on the 4th Thursday of every month at Claines British Legion, starting at 7.30pm.

If you would like to join us, just come along, you don't have to 'join' the group, as long as you are a paid up member of the club you can attend any meeting. Visitors are also welcome to attend for a maximum of two meetings. A small charge of £2 per meeting covers costs and includes refreshments.

Introduce Yourself

All new members are cordially encouraged to send in a few words about themselves and their photographic interests, plus a picture of themselves and two or three of their own photographs. Read more >


Images for the Website

At the top of the Club's website there is a slideshow of images provided by members. New images are always welcome. Click here to find out how to submit your images. Thank you.


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