Welcome to Worcestershire Camera Club

The Club's main season has come to an end but there's still plenty going on over the summer months. We have 3 special interest groups - Digital Group, AV Group and Contemporary Group that meet at Claines Royal British Legion, usually on Thursday evenings. See the Programme pages for upcoming dates.

In addition there are photography trips organised by club members, with full details available in the Members' Area

WCC Photonews will be produced intermittently over the summer months - new editions will appear on this home page, usually Monday evenings. All previous publications are still available on the website - take a look at WCC Photonews.

The club has an excellent photo-forum where we can show work, discuss ideas, try something new, ask for advice, gain comments and feedback and experiment with images without worrying about competitions or the fear of failure. This is on Google+.

The WCC Community at Google+ is an online private photo community just for us. We currently have over thirty members in the group and a growing number of regular contributors. It remains a great facility and is very worthwhile to be a part of.

Google+ is, as you would expect, part of the vast Google empire. The image-sharing facility is comparable to Flickr and 500pix, a form of social network for photographers. Private communities are indeed 'private', however you can also share your images with other groups or the public at large. It's up to the individual to choose where to 'post' an image. It's also possible to post sets and albums of images. This is useful to express an idea, to experiment with different versions or the expansion of a theme.


How to Join

  1. You will need a Google account to be able to log in. Create a new account (free of charge) by clicking here or use an existing account to sign in.
  2. Then go to the WCC Members Area. Once logged in you will see a link to the Google+ Community. Clicking on this will take you to our Google+ group.
  3. On the Google page click 'Ask to Join'. Martin Addison established the community and is nominated as the 'owner'. He will need to approve your membership so please allow a day or so before you can access the group.

Give it a go, we'd love to see you there.